Coco Acqua | Coco Acqua
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Coco Acqua

We manufacture and design in Spain since 1965.

We design and manufacture children’s clothing with unique and exclusive designs that breathe simplicity and elegance.


Family company, we were grown dealing with weaves. Designing, producing and selling kids clothing since 1965.


Quality and innovation are our goals. We take care of our little one’s skin with high quality organic cotton.

En el mundo

We’re present in 10 different countries and in more than 1.200 stores.


Descubre nuestra avance de colección invierno 2018


We take care of the little one’s skin using organic cotton in our new clothes. Products free of pesticides and bleaching or chemical agents.


We’re persons, we’re a team. Continuous training and internal promotion are one of our best tools in order to make sure that our clothes are the best quality.


Quality is the strut of our brand. Using the required technologies for the new tendences, and supported by a working team committed to himself and to the company.


We design, produce, sell and distribute our own brand. We close the circle thank’s to the great team we haver behind. More than 20 professionals in order to satisfy your needs and make from Coco Acqua the best brand for your kids.